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post 10 on Sunday 4th March 2007 at 17:32

Call 999 - It Doesn't Work In Mozilla!

You were looking for a job role that would allow you to cultivate your secret inversion, to fulfil your inner solitude, to help flourish your silent genius, and what did you get? You got clients calling you at a twenty-to-nine on a saturday evening. Are you a therapist, care worker or a member of the emergency services? No, welcome to the career choice of the eternally harassed, the web designer.

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post 14 on Saturday 10th March 2007 at 09:20

Black Is The New Black

BlackBlackBlackBlackBlackBlackBlackYou’re never going to be a good designer unless you can use your work to visually “ping” people - connecting you with your audience and capturing them in the moment of your message. Then why is it that instead of being able to choose from the myriad of colours available, Microsoft’s black Vista colour is dominating web designer’s choices? Presumably it is now my job as a web designer to put aside my bad attitude towards Microsoft to reach as many of these black-loving folk as possible with a cognitively sticky design by incorporating the world’s thirst for black into my work?

But, good people, I get disappointed when I realise that the only thing that’s going to seduce the masses for the next three months is a shed load of black! And I see a-plenty more colours I’d rather be using! And wasn’t all this Microsoft’s fault? What do they know about reaching the masses? The answer, absolutely everything.

I admit the black look can be a nice one. But please let’s remember it started on teenager’s bedroom walls many, many years ago and will be forgotten about by the time Vista becomes stable. This wasn’t Microsoft’s idea. You can’t patent colours. Although it wouldn’t surprise me to see a black background on a web site tagged “Black appears courtesy of Microsoft Corp”.

Now for a moment lets think about who’s driving all this. Microsoft bring out a new operating system which most savvy users know is black. The designers start realising people are going to be finding black seductive. The designers start to get the odd request and begin using more black. Black becomes the new black and everyone gets sick of black. See where this is going?

Doesn’t anyone remember the done-to-death left-hand tree menus, the clouds, and (saints preserve us) the shiny chrome web sites that seemed to dominate web design when Microsoft launched the Windows XP Luna interface? We all got sick of that. To hell with clouds, the world now wants self-confidence, death, sophistication, formalism, mystery…

The moral of the story. We’ll be seeing more black. We’ll be avoiding the lime green that went with that a few years ago. We’ll be seeing more coral and I have a feeling more purple, oh and more brown. And now by the end of writing this I have accepted black and am taking black back – for the designers, for the anti M$ and I’m arming my palettes ready!

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post 24 on Wednesday 25th April 2007 at 10:20

Student Vis Awards

University of Teesside Student Vis AwardsHoo and ray! The Student Vis Awards site (as designed by Halcyonelle) actually went live two days ago, and I never posted a shameless self-promoting link amongst my various belles-lettres. What was I thinking?

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