Looking for treat ideas that you and your toddler can make together? Look no further! Halloween is undoubtedly the best time to make and eat treats. It’s time to get creative, and involving your toddler is so much fun! But cooking isn’t just enjoyable – it’s a sensory delight for toddlers, and it really helps with their fine motor skills too. Here I’ve compiled some of me and my toddler’s favourite sweet and savoury Halloween treats. Why not try some of these easy Halloween treats for toddlers today?

1. Easy Halloween Cookies

Which toddler doesn’t like Halloween cookies? There’s so much you can do design wise. In this recipe from BBC Good Food, the creepiness comes in the form of spooky spiders and abominable bats. The chocolate chip “bugs” add to the funny yuck factor!

These Halloween cookies from BBC Good Food take just 25 minutes to prep – so your toddler will hopefully stay interested long enough! They’ll have great fun decorating them with Oreos and Malteasers!

Halloween cookies recipe on BBC Good Food.

2. Halloween Monster Cupcakes

These easy to make cupcakes look scary and colourful and are easy to make yet impressive! You can even use shop-bought cupcakes to make it even easier.

Halloween Monster Cupcakes

Your toddler can help by mixing the super simple cupcake recipe while you do the piping. Little ones will love adding the funny eyeballs to the finished cupcakes!

Monster cupcakes from Cooking with my Kids.

3. Pumpkin Halloween Pizzas

These pumpkin themed “pizzas” are just genius – so simple but so effective! A base of English muffin makes the mini pizzas really easy to throw together. I’m betting you could use a crumpet also!

It’s Red Leicester cheese that gives these pumpkins their distinguishable colour. Your toddler is going to love creating creepy Jack O’Lantern face on each each mini pizza using peppers, olives, or pieces of pineapple!

Pumpkin Halloween Pizzas from Eats Amazing.

4. Ghost Toast

It’ll be love at first bite with this ghoulish ghost toast! Your toddler will delight in loading up the toastie with chocolate and pillowy marshmallows, while you take care of the grilling.

With just 3 ingredients, this one really is easy peasy, but I think you’ll agree it looks awesome! How’s it done? No special templates needed, just a cleverly cut piece of tinfoil laid over the top of the bread before grilling. Bravo, Tesco!

Ghost Toast at Tesco Real Food.

5. Halloween Witches Fingers

They look disgusting, but they taste amazing! In that case, they’re surely the perfect Halloween treat for toddlers!

Halloween Witches Fingers

Behind the gnarly and wizened fingers with its yellowing almond fingernail lies a crumbly shortbread biscuit. This one is toddler tested and approved!

Halloween Witches Fingers at Baking with Kids.

Final thoughts on easy Halloween treats for toddlers

I hope you enjoyed reading my list of easy Halloween treats for toddlers. You and your toddler will have so much fun over Halloween trying some of the recipes out!

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  1. These are really cute! I would love to try the cookies with my grandkids!

  2. So many cute ideas for Halloween food fun! I absolutely love the ghost toast! Kids enjoy when we take the extra time to have some holiday fun! Pinning for later!

  3. My little ones are going to love all these awesome and spooky Halloween treats! Thank you so much for sharing them. I can’t wait to make the monster cupcakes!

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