In this post, you’ll find the absolute best dribble bibs for babies. We’ve spent hours searching websites and trialling dribble bibs with baby Eleanor to find the very best bibs to share with you.

I’d been dressing Eleanor in regular bibs – the kind you can pick up in high street baby clothing stores. Problem is, they just don’t work for her. And despite wearing a bib, her clothes will be soaked within an hour and she’ll need a whole new outfit. Very inconvenient and making me far too much laundry!

Perhaps you’ve probably got your own little champion dribbler and you’re looking for ways to protect their delicate skin and clothing. Or maybe you’re expecting a baby soon, and wondering if your baby will need a dribble bib.

Dribble bibs for babies protect their clothing and delicate skin

Either way, we’ve got you covered!

But why do babies dribble anyway?

Babies dribble for all kinds of reasons, and it’s completely normal. The excess saliva serves an important function in your sweet baby’s development.

Some babies start to drool more as they teethe, but just because your baby’s dribbling has increased, doesn’t necessarily mean teeth are imminent. Experts believe it could simply mean their salivary glands are working as they should be!

Does my baby need a dribble bib?

Of my four children, two were huge dribblers who always needed a dribble bib. My other two dribbled and drooled on and off while teething.

The fact is that most babies will dribble at some point, and most parents notice the extra dribbling at about 2 months of age.

So, if you’re planning what you need before your baby arrives, buying a small number of bibs is a safe bet until you get to know how much your baby dribbles!

How can a dribble bib help?

Dribble bibs help to protect your baby’s skin from their dribble, which soaks through their clothing and sits wet on top of their skin. This can be uncomfortable, cold, and can lead to dribble rash, which occurs due to long periods with damp skin.

Using a dribble bib protects your baby’s clothing, meaning less changes of clothing throughout the day – good for you, your baby, and the environment!

Are expensive dribble bibs worth it?

In my opinion, yes they are. First and foremost, they’re hands down more effective because they’re designed for the needs of serious droolers.

Secondly, they’re cuter! These bibs are often created by mums, for mums who crave good design and cute aesthetics.

What makes a good dribble bib?

Protection and comfort

A good dribble bib should protect clothes and skin, be comfortable, and easy to care for. It needs to be big enough to cover your baby’s clothing. A bib that features two or more layers ensures a dry experience for your baby and minimises the chances of dribble rash.


An adjustable or stretchy neckline means the dribble bib can grow with your little one and will last into toddlerhood. An easy to fasten dribble bib will keep both parents and baby happy!

Bib fabrics

Bibs tend to come in a mix of natural and synthetic fabrics to ensure comfort and absorbency. Close to your baby’s skin, are natural organic fabrics.

The Dribble Days bib fabric close up.

On the interior of the bib, synthetic fabrics are more absorbent and wick away the moisture.

Care and durability

Remember to check the care label of the bibs before you buy, so that you know what to expect. Most bibs can be washed at either 30 or 40 degrees, and many can be tumble dried. The best bibs should withstand repeated washings!

Designs to please

Buying a good quality unisex design ensures your bibs can be used again on different siblings. Alternatively cute and stylish bibs aimed at baby girls or baby boys make an endearing choice!

Remember to remove your baby’s dribble bib before nap time.

Here are 3 of the best dribble bibs for babies – we hope you love them!

The best dribble bibs for babies

1. Bibbilyboo Waterproof Teething Bib

This multi-award winning bib is waterproof yet completely breathable, and without the crinkly plastic backing – genius! I was impressed by the look and feel of the bib from the instant I opened our gorgeous tulip bib from the packet.

Eleanor wearing her Bibbilyboo Waterproof Teething Bib

The Bibbilyboo bib comes with impressive design features. Designed to keep moisture at bay all day, the bib has a super absorbent yet slim bamboo core to wick away moisture. The waterproof fabric is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 assured, which means you can rest easy that no nasty chemicals are lurking inside.

  • Protection & comfort: wearing the Bibbilyboo bib, Eleanor stays dry all day. I love the deliberately designed gap in-between her neck and the bib that allows for air flow. Most bandana bibs ride up and sometimes cover baby’s mouth while sitting, but not this bib.
  • Adjustability: four poppers give plenty of adjustability.
  • Fabric: soft and light fabric. The hem is inside the bib, meaning it won’t rub or irritate your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Care & durability: the bib faded a little after its first wash at 40 degrees and tumble drying, so I wash at 30 degrees and dry on the maiden now. Reshaping whilst damp is a good idea.
  • Design: there are so many designs to choose from, from modern to traditional.
  • Price: at £8.99 per bib, these bibs are expensive. However, you get a discount if you buy more.

This is my favourite bib for Eleanor and the one that keeps her the driest. I love how it doesn’t ride up into her face and cover her mouth. It fits seamlessly with her clothing while doing its job of keeping her dry all day!

Buy now at

2. Dribble Days Bib

If you’re looking for a baby’s dribble bib that’s as unique as it is eye-catching, you can’t go wrong with the Dribble Days Bib.

The Dribble Days Bib

Dribble Days bibs are made from soft cotton terry towelling. They’re eye catching, durable, chunky, and ever so cute. The bib is perfect for babies with sensitive skin, promising a day free from worry of wetness and irritation.

  • Protection & comfort: Eleanor stays dry all day wearing the Dribble Days bib! It has a huge coverage area and impressive absorbency.
  • Adjustability: this bib fastens with velcro and isn’t adjustable, however it fits 6 month old Eleanor well and has some give in it.
  • Fabric: two layers of traditional terry towelling sandwich a synthetic layer to grab and lock away the dribble.
  • Care & durability: it washes at max 30 degrees and dries well without needing ironing. Can’t be tumble dried.
  • Design: these bibs come in the shape of a star or strawberry. They’re cute, traditional and fun designs.
  • Price: at £9 per bib, they’re expensive.

With these bibs, the price reflects the benefits. They’re really effective – plus durable. They keep their shape well, too. On the downside, I find that if Eleanor is wearing a pretty outfit it gets covered up, and these bibs might be a bit big for a smaller baby.

Buy now at

3. Ziggle Bandana Baby Bibs

The award winning Ziggle Baby Bibs are loved by parents, and it’s easy to see why. They promise to keep your baby’s skin and clothes dry all day.

Ellie wearing the  Ziggle Bandana Baby Bib

These dribble bibs for babies come in such a wide range of colours and designs, and have an adjustable neckline. They’re light, soft, and nicely protective. Just the thing for a dry and happy baby!

  • Protection & comfort: we find these bibs really effective. I like how much coverage they give, and they feel soft and comfortable. After wearing this bib all day, Eleanor is dry aside from tiny ring of damp around her neckline. We find that this bib does ride up a little into Eleanor’s face, though.
  • Adjustability: adjustable poppers mean this bib will fit from newborn to the age of 3.
  • Fabric: two layers of absorbent cotton and polyester.
  • Care & durability: they wash well at 30 degrees and can be tumble dried, however I dry mine on the clothes horse. They need ironing after every wash as they curl up at the edges.
  • Design: I like the range of designs, from gender neutral, to girly and boyish, and also lovely themed bibs for special occasions.
  • Price: at £11.99 for 4, they’re great value.

We love the Ziggle Bib! However, I do feel they’re not quite as effective as the Bibbilyboo and Dribble Days bibs for Eleanor. This being said, they’re fantastic bibs at a very reasonable price. Definitely give them a go!

Buy now at

Other bibs to try

Bibado Dribble Bib

The Bibado Dribble Bib is especially useful if your little one suffers from dribble rash and uses a dummy. The clever double layered bandana-style bib design keeps your baby’s skin dry and comfortable. One layer sits over your baby’s clothing, while the other tucks in and sits against their skin for maximum protection. The bibs come in a pack of three, and one of the bibs comes with a built-in dummy strap.

£14.95 for 3 at

Nuby Snug & Dry Organic Bibs

This extra large bib covers a wide area of clothing and the chunky padded neckline ensures a snug but comfortable fit that soaks up all the dribble. The Nuby Snug & Dry Bib is made from organic cotton fabric – extra peace of mind for your little one’s health.

£11.50 for 4 at

Final thoughts on the best dribble bibs for babies

Dribble bibs are a must have in your baby’s wardrobe. Hopefully this article has given you some pointers as to what to look for in a bib for your dribbly little one. So invest in a few cute dribble bibs for your baby and say goodbye to irritating damp skin and clothes!

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