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post 28 on Thursday 10th May 2007 at 16:55

Missing Richie

Richie HawtinI miss you Richie Hawtin. Because of you, every day for the last two years I've had the acid of a 303 burning through my speakers. I'd been waiting to be with you. And I wish so I could have stayed on form in The Mint Club, but the Red Bull I Consumed to bring me Closer only worked to put me in a Koma, hands cramped and brain collapsed. You were too much for me, I am sorry.

After the trauma, I couldn't listen to you anymore. I had to Rekall you from my player. I'm over it now; you know you're still in my top twenty yes? One day we will meet.

Until such time, I remain a devoted Krakpot.

Your Loving Spaz,

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