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post 55 on Wednesday 16th April 2008 at 17:12

Demolition Is Nigh

I've really don't have the time to write, and evidently there's been little in the way of posts for quite some time, but I am taking a break from this temporary hiatus from real life as we know it, in order to post the latest and greatest Oak Street news – which is the arrival of the demolition men in Redcar Road, which runs parallel to Oak Street.

Good job we've got a date for moving out then - the 24th! And after the house sale at Guisborough fell through, we'd been searching frantically for a new place to live, and we've found it - in lovely Norton! A stones throw from work, sunny, duck pond-esque, and a million miles away from South Bank, metaphorically speaking!

Here's to new beginnings. I hope they turn South Bank into something nicer. Like a gypsy encampment. Or a parking lot. Only kidding. Here’s to South Bank! You've brought me many a wrinkle, and I dare say a grey hair or two, but there's nowhere like you on earth – rest in peace!

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