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post 16 on Wednesday 21st March 2007 at 16:42

MTJT Ten Of The Best: Macclesfield

Would you like some fags young lady?Dale's shop on Coare Street. The blessed old man was so blind he'd serve fags to anyone whose head appeared above the counter. He didn't mean to break the law! He didn't mean to fuel our blossoming cigarette addiction! He was so old; he even served fags to my Granddaddy!

The Stanley ArmsCountry pubs. In Macclesfield, you're never more than five minutes from the next quality inn.

Tim, of Tim's Megastore fame Tim's Megastore, for everything! Most notably for having console games on tape at bargain bin prices. You can't get a decent game from 20p upwards nowadays.

King's School MacclesfieldKing's School for posh boys. For being so shocked by a fourteen year old with a nose ring and for making Rugby an armchair sport, all visible from the comfort of the bedroom window.

The Nags HeadThe Nags Head, for having the only known Street Fighter 2 pinball machine in Macc, resplendent with battered matchbox car and miniature Blanka.

Tittays!The now demolished Nurses Homes on Westminster Road. Didn't they realise that was a 6ft wide window, it was dark outside, the curtains were open, and they had no top on?

The maraudable giant boulder in West Park MacclesfieldWest Park: A trove of entertainment. Most notably West Park Museum for being betrothed with polar bears; scold's bridles, death beds and artefacts of ancient Egypt (yeah, REAL Mummies!). Secondly for opening a skate park in the early nineties and for having a dedicated BMX track and half-pipe. Presumably in considering building this teenager’s delight the council had deemed West Park to be far enough away from the *bad estates* that it assumed would attract "the usual" type. Silly council. And if you didn't feel like tearing tarmac or your own fleshy knees you could visit the Aviary or sit atop the giant stone.

The Queens HotelThe Queens; colloquially referenced as "The Bosnian". For its ability to allow various positions of slumber on the loo floor and for having a white ball retrieving pit bull and for being the only pub in Macc you *knew* your teachers wouldn't visit at lunchtime.

View from Teggs NoseTeggs Nose Country Park. For being a free place for eighteen year olds to eat McDonalds and rev engines.

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